I am originally from New York although I moved around pretty frequently, both in and out of state. I moved to TN in 2010 and a few weeks later moved to NC and lived there until October, 2014. I was terminated from my job June, 2014 as the changes from my transitioning started to show through. Between that June through to October I couch surfed (after losing my home due to being unemployed) and lived on the graces of others and through my college stipend (thank god I was still in school). Eventually I had to bit the bullet and managed to get a truck and return to NY.

I was a member of various groups in the NC area which has afforded me a wonderful support network of friends who have, through the years, provided cheers, encouragement, and support regarding my transition. I love animals, severe weather, motorcycles, reading, and movies. I have started my own business http://emergencyplanners.info/ (If you’re willing to help me make a new page I’d love the help, otherwise feel free to spread the word). While I work to build that up I also work in the animal industry. I actually really enjoy this job and the people that I work with and feel comfortable enough to be pretty open about being trans there.

I started this blog with the intent to primarily track my progress as this is a huge, life-changing event that will continue for many years. As I started the transition process I realized I’m learning so much, meeting so many more people in the trans community, and am facing questions that I didn’t even begin to consider to ask before I started the transition. As such, I’m hoping my posts will reach out to others and maybe help them get some answers.

I am also a blogger over at Transgender Universe which has some amazing and varied content. Drop by and peruse around.

I’m an open book so if you have questions feel free to ask and I will address them as promptly as I can. I love to hear from readers so please share your feedback or just drop a note to say hello. You can also follow me on Twitter @judesftmjourney


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