I hadn’t blogged here in a long time and the last few blogs were kind of half-assed. I really didn’t like my posts here lately as they seemed rather poor quality. As it turned out, I had some medical stuff like Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia that really made it difficult for me to do even simple things, even things I had a true passion for – such as my writing. But, thanks to my amazing friend Mila I got the chance to start blogging for Transgender Universe and I feel like the writing I’m putting out over there is so much better than I’ve done here.

After working diligently with the amazing people over at Heart and Soul Counseling, the brand new Northwell Health Transgender Clinic (contact me for info), and various doctors I think I got this thing well in hand now. As such I’ve developed a new site. It’s my overall page where you can find anything you want about me, follow my blogs and rantings and reviews, and always get in touch with me – Jude’s Page

Additionally, you can always email me, like my facebook page, or follow me on twitter


*This blog has been archived. If you’re looking for an old post please contact me directly.


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